Thursday, June 4, 2009

ENDWAR (Statergy, 2009)

The war to end all wars.

Graphics - 8
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 5
Difficulty - 4
Overall - 6.5
When a game is marked by names such as Tom Clancy, You are more than likely to have high expectations for it. And considering the hype that surrounded this game its not surprising that many gamers (Including my self) had high hopes for this game. However I am disappointed to say that End war has failed to reach even the more basic of my expectations.

The game sets off in the near future with the three playable factions "US", "Europe" and "Russia" fighting each other out for total dominance of the world. And yes.. This time also the Russians are the bad guys. The story surrounding the game is extremely poor and provides little motivation towards forcing the player to archive the goals set to them within each mission.

Game play focuses on a set of squads which range from Infantry to Tanks trying to achieve some sort of goal in each mission. The goals however depend on the mission type such as "Assault" which requires the player to destroy all enemies or "Conquest" which requires the player to capture and hold key locations. This lack of variety in mission objectives leads to linear missions. And you cant shake off that "Been their done that" feeling as you keep playing the more and more missions.
Welcome to ENDWAR... no prices for guessing who the bad guys are

The units follow the basic Rock, Paper ,Scissor format. With each unit type having specific strengths and weakness against each other unit type. For example while Tanks do well against APC's they fail horribly against Helecopters. While on the other hand APCs fair well against helecopters. And when you concider the fact that all three factions have the same unit types, Its quite obvious that this strenghts vs weaknesses thing is somthing that reduces the games overall approach.
The graphics just look great

ENDWAR however does have some uniqe features. Mainly of cource is its innovate speech command system that allows you to issue commands via voice. However to truly appriciate this you need a state of the art Headset and the ablity to pronounce words very clearly. The graphics are certainly one of the best with unit animations and visual effects being very good. But the game has such a poor camera that its virtually impossible to have a good look at the battles that take palce.

The Bottom line
End war may provide you with a few new innovative features. But it fails to satisfy the basic requirements that are needed to make this game a truly great game to play.

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