Friday, May 29, 2009

Mass Effect (2008, RPG)

A 3D Shooter made RPG

Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 8
Difficulty - 8
Overall - 8.5

I know that Mass effect is classified as a Role Playing adventure game. But having played it and finished it i got the feeling that it was more a Third Person Shooter (TPS) game with Role Playing elements rather than other way around.

The story in Mass effect is undoubtedly one of the better ones. But it could have had a bit more twist and turn to it to sweeten it up. Gameplay is mostly based on TPS combat and rely very little on RPG elements. And although there are many side quests most of them feel like running errands than actual quests. Its likely that you'll fail a quest because you are unable to find a location rather than being unable to understand what to do next.

There will be plenty of fighting in ME.

The downside for me was the inventory which definitely gave you the feeling that this game was a port. In most PC RPG games you get a more complex inventory that mergers it self with different aspects of the game and even allows you to use items in quests. But this is not the case in Mass Effect . In fact you don't even have to bend down and gather up things since all items automatically go into your inventory as soon as you make a kill. Another annoying fact was that if the inventory was full there was no way to make room for new items unless you destroyed existing ones.

The Graphics , Voice Acting and Fighting is very good and is enjoyable most of the time. But there seem to be a few AI issues with enemy combatants relating to side quests. And then theres the driving. Occasionally on certain missions you'll have the pleasure( Or Displeasure in my case) of driving the "Mako". Although driving around in this thing should be a lot of fun, its definitely not. Fortunately you'll spend more time walking about than driving.

Meet the "Mako". Thankfully you dont spend too much time driving it.

The Bottom line
All in all if you're looking for more adventure and Role playing rather than Fighting then this game is not for you. But if you enjoy a lot of fighting and a little bit of Role playing mixed up with it then you should try this game out.

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