Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Settlers : Rise of an Empire (Statergy / 2007 )

Same old name... Same old game.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 6
Difficulty - 6
Overall - 6.5
For me the settlers has always been a game that has been existing in concept. The idea of managing a city with a hint of fighting has always captivated my interest. But Alas This game falls short of filling the expectations i had about it.

Settlers is a city building game with a pinch of fighting tossed into it. And as it is with most games of this type. The objective is to build up a nice big city, protect it with your army and drive out enemy.

The focus of the game should have been resource management but the game falls short of providing a challenging enough environment for gamers to really engage into. The graphics, animations and sound are all better than the previous settlers. But its the game play is what really puts this game down. What is most surprising is that these errors were clearly visible in the previous settler games and have not been corrected.

For example in almost every mission you have to build your city from scratch, and this means wasting several hours of game play just getting your city up and running. The combat is also as lame as it has ever been and although a few new concepts and units have been added, the game still lacks the intensity of combat that you would have liked it to have. All other aspects of the game are pretty much average leading to a score of 6.5.

The Bottom line
If you have been a fan of the settlers series then you should definitely try it out. Else its better off trying out the demo first before launching your self into this game.

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