Sunday, May 17, 2009

Universe At War : Earth Assault (Statergy, 2007)

A game that promises much

Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 7
Difficulty - 7
Overall - 7.5
From the beginning of its announcement UAW:EA has received a lot of attention. And I for one was looking forward to playing this game for a long time. But after having playing this game, i just cant shake off the feeling that this game did not deliver on its promise.

The story line is not great but its not bad either. In UAW:EA three alien races battle for control of earth. And each of them have their own agenda. You'll start off by playing a tutorial campaign as the humans. In which you understand very fast that fate of the human race depends on the three alien races battling out each other.

The fate of Earth will not be determined by Humans

For a statergy game UAW falls behind by allowing a very limited number of units to be present at a given time. A total pop cap of 90 is just not enough. As far as graphics are concerned the game looks pretty good. But you really cant enjoy the view because the camera cant be pulled back enough. The disadvantage of the camera is evident as you constantly have to use the mini map in order to manage your base properly.

The unique game play of each faction is definitely a good point. Each faction collects resources and manages its base in a totally different manner. This gives the game a lot of variety

Using a Walker is by far one of the high points of the game

You will also notice that for some reason researching is not available in the 1st 2 campaigns. And it appears that this limitation only applies to the player and not the opposition AI which was a bit of a let off.

The game also lacks good flying units with each faction having only one or at most two basic units. But the game makes up for it by providing you with a wide array of ground units to choose from.

The Bottom line
All in all Universe at war will provide you with a good entertainment but don't expect it to blow your mind off.

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