Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dynasty Warriors 6 Review (Action / 2008)

The more you kill...the more you love it

Graphics - 8
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 8
Difficulty - 7 (Adjustable)

Ill start of by saying that im not really a Fan of this genre. But i tried it out anyway just for the fun of it. And didnt that turn out to be the right choice.

Having tasted disappointments playing games of similar genre i was a bit skeptical about this one, But from the moment i played it i was in love.

The best part of the game is its simplicity and free flow nature. The game is modeled on a real time battle and once you play it you do feel like you're actually part of a great battle, rather than just a plain old hero bashing the hell out of the enemy.

The games objectives are balanced enough and change as the game progresses. This requires the player to always be on his toes. The objectives vary from killing a enemy general to capturing a key outpost. Be warned however that there are also certain objectives that if you fail, will result in your defeat. These objectives keep the game in balance and gives the player a real sense of a battle.

The action is non stop.

Even on low end PC's the game ran fairly smoothly giving the player a taste of non stop action. However the game lacks a strong story line and battles can sometimes be confusing with the sheer number of opponents and allies all fighting it out at the same time. The graphics and sound are not something to write home about but its good enough to let the player feel very comfortable within the game.

The Bottom line
This game is an absolute must to play if you are a fan of arcade style action games. Others also may find the game interesting if not fascinating.

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