Sunday, April 19, 2009

Loki : Heros of Mythology Review (Role Playing /2007)

Not bad. But Great either.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 5
Difficulty - 6
Lets face it, the Diablo series were probably the only games that provided immense entertainment in the genre of "Hack n Slash" games. Most games that followed in this genre failed in one area or the other to bring out a solid game that is enjoyable by many.

Loki unfortunately is another failed attempt to bring to life what has been fledgling "Hack n Slash" gaming presence. Loki is not a bad game but it is not a great game either. The graphics are not bad and so is the game play but it lacks a great story line and game play at times can get repetitive such that it will easily bore you. But the game does have some cool new features as well. For example the character classes all have different campaigns. And it gives you the option of reloading dead enemies if you are low in XP.

But In the end the game gives you the impression that it was not given adequate development time for it to become a really good game. The biggest drawback with Loki is that it offers very little new features. And the lack of basic features of what a good game should have such as very good graphics, gameplay and storyline ensures that this game falls short of becoming a very good and entertaining game.

The Bottom line
Loki is the kind of game that you play if you don't have any thing else to play at all.

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