Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spore Review (Statergy , 2008)

The Universe Should Never be this small.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 8

Gameplay - 8
Difficulty - 7 (Adjustable)

The very notion of being able to create a creature from the beginning of the cell stage to the end of the space stage was a very intriguing one. And i must admit that i had my doubts as to whether such a game can be created that allows you to literary control the weave of life. But to the credit of its developers spore can be classified as a game that archived its goal. But it offers very little of it.

Its not easy being a cell.

Spore is a game that is played in stages. Each stage represents a stage in a creatures evolutionary path. The first few stages provide very little entertainment. In fact you probably could finish the initial stages within a few hours. The objective of the game is to survive and grow. The choice of how your creature grows and what type of a creature it becomes is purely up to you. For example the creature you nurture can be a gentle Herbivore or even a powerful carnivore. One of the best things about the game is the fact that a lot of things about your creature is customizable. From its basic appearance at the initial cell stage to the advanced space ship that you will fly on the space stage, everything can have your own personal touch.

Who would have thought that you'd have your very own space ship?

The graphics look decent but nothing flashy, and the sound isn't bad either. The game play offers something unique but very little of it was there to be offered. Clearly the game comes up short in terms of the content provided. It could have been a lot more better and probably would have gotten better reviews if the game had more to offer especially in the earlier stages.

The Bottom line
All in all Spore is the kind of game that deserves a try out. But its not the kind of game that you'll be still playing for months to come. However the uniqueness of the game will probably encourage you to try it out one more time from the beginning.

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