Friday, April 10, 2009

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition Review (Sci Fi Shooter / 2007)

Another Console Game Transformed for the PC

Graphics - 9
Sound - 9

Gameplay - 7
Difficulty - 7

Lets face it Lost Planet was made to be a Console based game. It is not a game that was made specifically for the PC. And although the transfer from Console to PC is pretty good there are some areas of the game that lack the flair that PC shooters bring about.

Lost Planet is a japanise game and it is no surprise that the game involves the use of Robots which is kinda cool but also a bit difficult. It would have been a lot easier if you had a Console Game pad but its a bit of hazard trying to play it with the keyboard.

Overall the graphics, sounds along with the movies are excellent. The game play also (Although a bit repetitive) is good enough to keep you entertained. But if you are expecting a shooter game with a bit of adventure and puzzle solving then this is not a game for you. The only puzzles that you need to solve is how to kill the boss enemy at end of each level As it may require several tries before you find out the weakness of the boss. And the fact that its modeled on a console game means that you need to restart at the nearest way point if you happen to die mid way though the mission (Something i always find very annoying).

Thats a lot of bugs to kill

The storyline is something that the game developers should have worked on a bit more. Even in context of the game the story is something that really unrealistic. The multilayer also seems to be a bit broken and worthless. Often you will be faced be multiple technical difficulties that may eventually even lead to your game being terminated.

The Bottom line
All in all Its one of those games that you need to try out for the PC. But if you have the option of playing it in a Console then go for it.

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