Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dawn Of War 2 Review (RTS / 2009)

Everything You hoped it would be.

Graphics - 9
Sound - 8

Gameplay - 8
Difficulty - 8 (Adjustable)

The Original Dawn of war series was given a few expansion that didn't really change the game but added more factions and content. So when DOW2 was announced i wasn't really sure as to what to expect. But being true to its roots DOW2 is a game that will provide you a unique experience that will stick with you for a long long time.

The game differs from its predecessors in the fact that there is no resource collecting or building. Rather the game focuses purely on the player handling a few elite squads. This i have to admit was a bit of a disappointment for me. But the game makes up for it by providing a rich, story driven and unique gameplay experience.

The Single player Campaign is... well its different

The graphics and sounds are excellent and the game can be easily scaled downed to run smoothly on low end systems. The game also gives you a lot of choices as to how play each mission. Each squad can gain experience and can also be upgraded by collecting war gear. You can also select which squads to deploy for the mission allowing you to explore different strategies. There are also a fair amount of secondary missions that if you complete will make things a little easier for you. However most of these missions are similar and gives you a sense of repetition.

The Single player campaign consists only of one campaign. And that is for the Space Marines. However it is likely that more campaigns can be added through future expansions. The campaign is played in days in which you can play one mission(deployment) per day. You can earn additional deployments on the same day by completing missions with more efficiency. This is based on how fast you complete the mission, How many enemies you killed and How many squads survived. Often you have make choices as you which approach to use to get the maximum efficiency per mission. For example you may opt to finish the mission as soon as possible scoring high on speed but this might lead to a situation where a few squads are killed in which you loose points in that aspect.

The game also consists of a multi player and skirmish section that is completely different from the Single player Campaign. Here the game gets back to its RTS roots. Theres such a difference from the single player campaign that it can make you wonder if its actually 2 games in 1.

The multiplayer section gets back to its RTS roots.

The Bottom line
Love or Hate Strategy games, DOW2 is a game that you should play. Its worth every penny.

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