Friday, April 17, 2009

Two Worlds review (Role Playing / 2007)

Great Concept. Average Game.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 5
Gameplay - 5
Difficulty - 5
As a gamer who has played a lot of RPG games over the years i must admit that i was genuinely exited about the concept behind "Two Worlds". But having played the game for almost 6 hours all i can say is that the game is not as great as i expected it to be.

Ill start with the bad points. First of all the story is as horrible as it can get. Clearly the people who came up with it were not successful in creating a story that can even compete with other RPG games that are available. There are also major issues with the 3D objects as it seems that the people in "Two worlds" can actually walk through walls and sometimes even through other humans. You can imagine my surprise when i saw an archer whom i cornered onto a wall was able to walk though the wall and shoot at from the other side. The AI of NPC 's are at a all time low in this game. For instance many enemies will run at you when they see you and just walk away without even looking at you. There were also many instances when people would just ignore a dead body that was lying around as if it isn't something important. And Don't even think of getting onto a horse. Its a absolutely horrible game play experience.

Going onto the Good points. The Graphics look great. And the environment is wast. The world of "Two Worlds" is open so you can explore almost anywhere from the very beginning of the game. Stackable items, magic spells and the ability to create potions is also cool. Fighting is not too bad but it could have been better. And thats just about it. Everything else is just pretty average.

The Bottom line
Unless they give you a patch that solves all the above issues dont play this game its just not worth it.

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